Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

Modular Hospital Building
Modular Hospital Building
Modular Hospital Building

Providing a temporary modular extension to the A&E ward at North Devon Hospital.


Aside from the ‘fast track’ nature of the request, the biggest issue was the location of the ward in relation to the general site – on one of the busiest junctions at the front of the Hospital, and with the need for the delivery vehicles to off-load the modules while parked in the primary thoroughfare for the ambulances accessing the A&E parking bays.

With detailed planning and co-ordination with the Capital Building team, and timing the arrival of the lorries to arrive when the passing traffic had ebbed, the entire operation was completed in just two hours.


"From sourcing a suitable building that could quickly be delivered to co-ordinating the delivery / installation process – Mister Modular offered sound advice, helped to develop the scheme, then managed the whole process with great efficiency."

Chris Cooper
Capital Building Manager