Trannack School, overseen by Southerly Point Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust

Trannack School
Trannack School (Install)
Trannack School (Complete)

Replacing the school’s dilapidated three-classroom block with a new multi-section modular facility, a solution chosen due to the need to complete all works during a very short timeframe – including the demolition / removal of the existing building – over the summer holidays.


Being a small rural school with an equally small footprint, access was limited by a narrow lane leading to the school itself, and further compounded by the need to ensure the only route into the rear (where the classroom block is sited) was permanently clear of vehicles, forcing the crane to be placed within the playground.

To support the modules, Jack Pads (a versatile solution compared to traditional foundations and support piers) were introduced, which could be placed as the modules were positioned and the crane moved further and further back towards the access gate.

The entire operation – placing of Jack Pads, delivering all eight modular structures and craning them into position - was achieved in just one (long) day.


"Many thanks to both you and your team for pulling out all the stops to make this happen over such a short period of time. It is evident from feedback received that without the support and hard work from the staff at Mister Modular we would have struggled to have finished this in time for the start of term."

Sean Pinhay
Chief Financial Officer