Why Offsite Construction?

What is Offsite Construction?

Offsite construction refers to the planning, design, fabrication and pre-assembly of elements of a building in a factory environment, before transportation to a prepared site and rapid installation, resulting in a robust, quality building.  This method can be used in any construction project but is particularly well-suited to builds where time or access is limited.

Advantages of Offsite Construction

  • FAST CONSTRUCTION:  The individual elements of the building are constructed offsite, significantly reducing the time required onsite from months to potentially days. Perfect for projects which need to be completed within school holidays, or to avoid disruption to busy hospital sites.


  • LESS WASTE AND CLEANER, SAFER CONSTRUCTION:  The individual parts of the building can be precision-engineered in a factory environment to ensure less waste. Ideal for meeting your CSR objectives.


  • LESS DISRUPTION:  Fast construction means a significant reduction in the amount of time onsite, plus fewer vehicle movements to/from site, which in turn results in less noise and disruption for you and your neighbours.
  • FIXED COSTS AND PROJECT TIMESCALES:   Offsite projects are not hampered by expensive delays caused by bad weather or site-based skills shortages, resulting in budgetary and timescale certainty.  Ideal if you are working to a strict budget, or your project has a fixed deadline.


  • GUARANTEED QUALITY STANDARDS:  Each individual element of your construction project is precision-engineered in a controlled factory environment, ensuring strict quality standards are met.


  • ROOM TO GROW:  Offsite construction projects are typically more flexible and can be easily expanded or reconfigured to meet changing organisational requirements.

What Our Customers Say

"Mike has integrity by the bucketload, brilliant skills, huge knowledge - second to few in the modular industry – and charming manners. Organisations from all sectors, new and established, are already benefiting from his advice, and happy doing business with Mister Modular"

Betty Hale
Business to Business Consultant 

"It was the perfect one-stop shop – Mister Modular offered sound advice, helped to develop the scheme, then managed the whole process with great efficiency"

Capital Projects Manager
Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

"We were seeking a company that completely grasped the concept of what Rapid Retail are all about, and to guide us through the technical elements and project management process. Mister Modular are that company and more some!"

Managing Director
Rapid Retail

"Mike always ensured his priority was meeting the client’s requirements"

Project Director
Vale Academy Trust

"Mike never shirked from his responsibilities, and always responded to any queries immediately"

Senior QS / Surveyor
Adams Fletcher & Partners